Percussion pieces (solo and chamber music)

for marimba

for 9 instruments

fl, bcl., ha, guit, pno., perc, vn, va, vc

  • África (2000)  (6’30’’)     [53a]

for 9 instruments 

bn, cor, tpt, tbn, perc(2),va, vc, cb

for bass clarinet and 10 instruments 

Bcl../fl, ha, mand, guit, pno, perc, vn, va, vc, cb      

for violin and percussion

  • África (2000-2015)  (6’30’’)      [53e]

for sax quintet (Soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass) and 1 percussionist

  • Akt-szene II (2001)    [34b]

for piccolo flute, bass clarinet, percussion and electronics (also available with multimedia scenery)

  • Tossal (2001)   (8’20’’)     [29]

for guitar and 9 instruments

Guit/fl. in G, tsax., tpt, tbn, pno, perc, va, vc, cb

for bass clarinet and 10 instruments 

Bcl./fl, cl, guit, ha, pno, perc, vn, va, vl, cb

ISBN: 979-0-2308-19824

  • El Gran Inquisidor (2004) (14’)     [62]

Libretto by Zaeth Ritter on a fragment by F. Dostoievsky

for tenor, barítone, percussion and electronics

for 6 instruments 

fl, cl, perc, pno, vl, vc

ISBN: 979-0-2308-19602

  • Kammerkonzert n. 1 (Chamber Concerto n. 1) (2007)  (34’)      [54]

for 9 instruments 

fl, cl,  3 perc, pno, vn, vc , cb.

ISBN: 979-0-2308-19831

  • Paisaje Sonoro (Homenaje a Jaime Sabines) (2008)  (14’)     [51]

for ensemble with concertant steel drums

fl, ob, cl, perc, pno, vn, va, vc

for 6 instruments 

fl, cl, perc, pno, vl, vc

for three percussionists and electronics

for bass clarinet and percussion

version for bass and alto flute and percussion (with voice optional)

  • África (2000-2012)  (6’30’’)     [53c]

for brass quintet and 1 percussionist

  • Laumen (2012)   (2’20’’)      [25/II 71]

for multipercussion

for sopran, mezzo, baroque flutes and percussion

for sopran, mezzo and bass baroque flute

for 10 instruments 

cl,  sx, mand, e-gui, hp, mando-cello, perc, acc, vc , cb.

for string orchestra and timpani with violin and cello concertant

vn, vc./ti /strings

  • Spanish Songbook I (2013-14) (25’)     [64]
    1.- La tarara 2.- La meua chiqueta és l’ama 3.- Aldapeko 4.- La llorona 5.- Tirititrán

for voice, percussion quartet and piano

Making-of of Spanish Songbook I




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